We’re had a few people ask a few questions about Digital Environment.  Here are a few:
  • When did Digital Environment start doing business?
  • How did Digital Environment get its name?
  • What work does Digital Environment do for its clients?
  • What areas of expertise does Digital Environment manage?
Here’s a brief answer to all of those questions . . . and a little bit more.

Innovative Graphic Solutions

In April 1998, Innovative Graphics Solutions, Inc.  (“IGS”) opened its doors for business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A number of Southwestern and Native American jewelry businesses approached John Harris, then the Marketing Director of Thunderbird Supply Company, to start his own graphic design business to take care of their brochures, flyers, and other graphic design needs.  He left his job as the Marketing Director of Thunderbird Supply to realize his dream of owning a business with his wife, Karalee.

Even though the core group of clients included jewelry companies such as Chaco Canyon Trading Post, Silver Fetish (now part of Wheeler Jewelry), G&S Jewelry Manufacturing, and Thunderbird Jewelry, there were others who helped IGS get started.  We also served clients such as CH2M Hill, Sunshine Plumbing, Hoffmantown West Church (now Sagebrush Community Church) and the New Mexico Business Journal.

Seeing that the Internet was going to be a major sales and marketing area for business, IGS began a transition in 1999 to make its operations more “digital”.  An emphasis on website design, digital photography and E-commerce became the goal.  Within one year, it became very clear that “graphic solutions” were evolving into “digital solutions” for IGS.  As a result, we changed our name.  In 2000, IGS changed its name to Digital Environment.

Digital Environment LLC

In 2000, Digital Environment made a focused commitment to the area of website development and E-commerce.  From developing a basic E-commerce “shopping cart” program to moving to a strategic partnership approach, Digital Environment has been very active in the E-commerce development market for many years.  Now that the world has become more global, Digital Environment is increasing its core services.  We are pleased to include app development along with our core services, along with API development.

Since the shift to managing digital resources became the focus, we have enjoyed great relationships with a wide variety of clients.  Currently, Digital Environment works with clients all over the world in a wide variety of roles and areas.  Our core skills are firmly planted in the website development and marketing areas, but we work in other areas as well.  We also serve clients with inventory control, accounting, Human Resources and graphic design services.  These areas have a direct effect on website development and marketing.  Consequently, we consistently find that clients need a integrated plan – which we have quite of bit of experience building them.

The Rise out of Challenging Times

Within its history, Digital Environment has seen quite a bit of events and changes in the market.  The “dot-com” crash from 2001-2003 almost ended our business.  “DE” kept going – thanks to loyal clients and a never-ending need for effective digital marketing and promotional resources.

We were an industry leader introducing the “online subscription” concept to market. We also led in implementing video as a sales resource.  As a result, we served high-profile clients with these strategies for the last 15 years in these areas.

An Integrated Approach

Providing clients an integrated strategy is way more effective for everyone concerned.

We at Digital Environment also recognized that “cool solutions” aren’t always effective solutions.  Cutting edge technology can turn into “bleeding edge” technology with painful results.  With that in mind, we became much more effective in strategic planning and implementation over the years.  Providing clients an integrated strategy is way more effective for everyone concerned.

Our integrated strategy includes strategic partnerships with the best and most talented people in their markets of expertise.  Our team has grown quite a bit since 1998, both in numbers and in skill sets, but we still place a high priority to ensure our clients’ success.


Digital Environment hosts a great resource site, OnlineAdvisor.com.  OnlineAdvisor.com is a powerful site for those who are leaders or business owners.

From book reviews, leadership strategies, and recommended resources for successful businesses and organizations, OnlineAdvisor.com is the preferred resource for many who lead with excellence.

Our Continued Commitment

Even though Digital Environment LLC has moved a few times in over 20 years, the commitment for innovative, effective solutions hasn’t changed.  With a long-time commitment to website development and marketing, our focus is now turning to the growing E-commerce website market.

Many companies and entrepreneurs are looking to E-commerce as the dominating force in business – and we couldn’t agree more.   We continue finding, integrating and improving great resources for E-commerce, giving our clients the winning advantage.  That includes expertise in QuickBooks,

It’s been a great run for the last 20 years.  We look forward to another 20 years with our current clients and to work with a whole lot of new ones!