About Us: A Start

In April 1998, we began our business because there was a need in the market.

At the time, we were just a graphic design company that built catalogs, flyers, billboards, brochures and business cards. People loved us for our service, so they always came to us with their new ideas. Our clients realized that the future was going to be on the Internet, so they asked us for answers.

What they told us they needed was this: a trusted service provider who could give them the resources they needed to promote and sell their products and services on the Internet. We didn’t know all of the answers when we started, and we made a few mistakes along the way.

However, we were able to find the answers our clients needed . . . and we haven’t stopped since.

Two Decades of Service for Clients

We started hosting websites, began building database-related applications, and converted our photography studio to be fully digital. This was big stuff in the late 1990s, but we recognized that we needed to be industry leaders.

As a result, we kept improving and becoming more knowledgeable as the industry changed.

As a result, we have served a lot of different clients with a wide variety of solutions.

We’ve built e-commerce sites since 1999.

We introduced streaming video in the year 2000.

We were one of the pioneers of successful and profitable subscription-based websites, which have produced (and continue to produce!) a very healthy profit for our clients.

We’ve created some of the most effective profitable and effective website and Internet marketing strategies for various market leaders in the world.

And now we see our time-tested marketing strategies continue to be effective within the social media world.

The truth is . . . we’ve been pretty low-key about what we do and who we serve.

A New Start

Based on what our clients and the market are telling us, it’s time to change our approach.

We’ve decided that it’s not good to keep secrets. It’s time to affect the market in a profound way.

We would like to walk with you on a highly successful journey.

Let’s do this together.